The Basics

My name is Heather and I am a first-year University student at SFU. From a direct point of view, I am starting this blog because it is a class assignment. From an indirect point of view I want to start this blog because….why not? I don’t actually have a clear answer. My best guess would be in reference to all the hobbies I have picked up over the years. In past years I thought they might just be fazes (like the way I dress) but turns out I still enjoy partaking in all of them to this day. This includes, but is not limited to: art in all its forms, jewelry making, ceramics, sewing, knitting, cooking, baking and a bit of wood carving. I also love travelling, writing, organizing, scheduling, planning, doing less than conventional henna designs where ever I can reach and jump into the ocean in the middle of winter. And I guess you could consider blogging my latest hobby.This being said I am by no means an expert on anything that I just mentioned, even a beginner one could argue, at some of them.

A Few Random Facts

  • The questions I get asked the most, besides the usual “how’s it going” among other things, is “Aren’t you cold” (That being said I tend to walk around in tanks tops in the middle of winter, whilst most people are sensibly wearing winter jackets)
  • My favourite type of tree is a sequoia because it is the largest tree in the world which means it could hold an equally large tree house
  • If I do happen to get married, and if I do get a wedding ring, the shiny rock won’t be a diamond, but an obsidian stone.
  • I once got a 4th place ribbon in a 7 person 200-meter race, except all of the 6 other people in that race crossed the finish line before me…


My Cats


(Future) Community Guidelines

Be nice!

Which probably does not exactly cover everything, but as of right now I don’t particularly care. Spam is being filtered out so it’s all good. Realistically what type of comment could people actually make on a website with an about page containing two angelic kitties, a post about my beyond (literally) last place ribbon, and some artsy stuff.

Got something crappy to say in general? Tweet it. Something crappy to say about me?

Bring. It. On.


…and be prepared to win. 


Okay, so if it’s super crappy and super offensive then I might be forced to remove, but I’d rather not. So try to be respectful. AKA: Be nice!